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Before and After School Care

FLASCA children playing soccer on the astro turf.
FLASCA children riding skateboards on the basketball court.
An Educator conducting rollcall under the cola.
A child smiling at the camera in front of a bookshelf.
Children playing in a base they've created together.
An educator running a group activity with kindergarten children.

Our play-based program is child-driven and encourages creativity, autonomy, and exploration. Each Flasca session offers structured and unstructured activities that engage a range of developmental areas.

Play-Based Learning

The children have the option to engage in mental activities (e.g. board games), construction, dramatic play, quiet reading and relaxation, arts and crafts, and sports. Our wealth of resources empowers your children to be independent, autonomous, and exploratory. 

Programmed Activities

Children can engage in Educator-led activities for a closely scaffolded play-based learning experience. Our program is created in accordance with the diverse array of interests, strengths, and cultures that proudly thrive at Flasca.  


We offer a diverse range of nutritious food options for breakfast and afternoon tea. As well as a weekly 'Breakfast Club', 'Cooking Club', and cooking activities that the kids can get involved in creating we offer wholegrains, proteins, dairies, fruits, and vegetables. 


We want to expose kids to a wealth of experiences and opportunities. Our program stimulates a range of developmental areas: creative arts, physical activity, STEM, and rest and relaxation. 

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