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Vacation Care


Vacation Care offers an eclectic range of activities for the children of Forest Lodge Public and neighbouring schools. We strive for engaging incursions and excursions that maintain a strong focus on children's development. Ease the stress of keeping your children mentally and physically stimulated over the school break!


Our caring Educators run a flexible holiday-care schedule: 7:30am to 6pm. Your children will be under qualified supervision throughout this entire period. We adjust our ratios depending on whether it is an incursion or excursion (and the nature of the excursion). Safety is Flasca's highest priority; so rest assured!


Your children will be treated to a nutritious and diverse array of breakfast and afternoon tea options. Recess and lunch will need to be packed with your children.  FLASCA caters for a variety of dietary requirements and needs. 


A balance of incursion and excursion experiences will keep your child continuously engaged. In between our program experiences the children are free to self-direct their play with a range of resources and planned activities: crafts, games, sports, dramatic-play, and relaxation! Each day is a unique experience.

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