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Children enjoying skateboards and outdoor play on the basketball court at FLASCA.

PBL System

Positive Behaviour for Learning

At Flasca we embrace a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) approach which establishes positive play-based learning and behavioural expectations. Children are encouraged to be safe, respectful members of our service who positively contribute to the Flasca community. Our service team implements this consistently across the program.

For a detailed document outlining FLASCA's Child Wellbeing Policies & Procedures please click here.

The PBL Approach

- PBL uses a problem-solving approach with four key elements (data, systems, practices and outcomes); 

- it is essential for children to understand that the overall focus is on positive behaviour;

- PBL cards are utilised by staff throughout the day to praise positive and respectful behaviour.

Tiered Behaviour Management:

Tier 1:  The issuing of a yellow reflection sheet (Minor) allows students to understand the mistaken behaviour and to reflect on their choices. Minor incidents are printed on yellow card to remind the recipient to slow down and think through future choices. 

Tier 2: Once a child has been issued three yellow reflection forms they will receive a red reflection form. A conversation will be had with the parent in the hope that the conversation at both the service and home might alert the child to a change of behaviour. Children and parents will work on a Green Behaviour Plan with the Educators.

Tier 3: At Tier 3, parents and staff members will be in regular communication and it is likely that the student will require an Individual Behaviour Plan. Children may be required to undertake in-service suspension or suspension from the service for a specified period.

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